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Multimetallic cleaning systems

Multimetallic cleaning systems
The cleaning process is prior to production: as a rule, technical surfaces are contaminated in their initial state. The industrial partial cleaning with ESKAPHOR removes organic and inorganic impurities. Even during processing and processing, metal surfaces are coated with a variety of substances, e.g. Oils, greases, cooling lubricants, dust or fingerprints that may alter the properties of these surfaces.
Therefore, cleaning operations are also required during the production process. Partial cleaning in mechanical production is carried out as intermediate cleaning and final cleaning. Together with the cleaner, it is precisely matched to the required degree of cleaning. The choice of the cleaner depends on the method used.

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Cleaner based on renewable raw materials

The protection of man, environment and climate plays an increasing role in industrial production. This is reflected in stricter conditions.
ESKACLEAN - NATURE has been developed and promoted as part of a research project of the Central Innovation Program for Small and Medium Enterprises (ZIM).
All products in this range are: Based on natural and sustainable raw materials. Free of synthetic preservatives. No hazardous material, therefore user-friendly. Very good biodegradable surfactants are covered by the Detergents Ordinance EG (No.) 648/2004. Very good interfacial activity. Excellent wetting behavior. 


PRODUCT OVERVIEW Cleaner based on renewable raw materials (PDF)