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Degreasing and phosphating

Combined ESKAPHOR W series degreasing and iron phosphating agents
Two in one - clean and phosphate

The coating of metal surfaces depends on the pre-treatment of the workpiece surface. The prerequisite for an excellent lacquer adhesion as well as a deep corrosion protection are the thorough removal of impurities (oils, greases) and an intensive conversion layer.

When it comes to the cleaning of surfaces with additional passivating properties, iron phosphating agents are a favorable variant. All products of the ESKAPHOR-W series contain besides alkaliphosphates and additives also surfactants. This means that the workpiece surface can be degreased and phosphatized in one operation.

Within the ESKAPHOR-W series, we distinguish two iron phosphating systems: the thin-layer phosphating (0.1-0.4 g / m²) used in the usual corrosion protection requirements and the thick-layer phosphating (0.4-1.0 g / m²) Which is preferred under high requirements.

The stated degreasing and phosphating agents are liquid and can be metered automatically via pH-controlled pumps. The laborious and inaccurate sharpening by hand can be omitted and an optimal, consistent quality in the pretreatment is achieved.

  • Injection molding
  • Dive procedures
  • Steam jet and high pressure processes
  • Special spray phosphating
  • layer phosphating

PRODUCT OVERVIEW degreasing and phosphating (PDF)