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Lacquer coagulation, an important contribution to process safety

Our coagulants are suitable for almost all liquid lacquers and can also be used for mixing solvents and water lacquers. These provide excellent sludge quality, the drainage of which is spontaneous. & Nbsp; To reduce the cost of the coagulate volumes to be disposed of, it is recommended to reduce the water content in the coagulate. This is usually done by means of separator or decanter technology.

In the case of the coagulum discharge by means of surface cleaners, the additional dewatering of the well contents is recommended. Our products reduce the foam behavior, especially in the case of foamy water lacquers, and thus ensure increased process reliability. By using the ESKAPHOR coagulants, the life of the circulating water can be increased and the water quality can be kept stable. We recommend continuous, automatic dosing.

Only in this way can a stable process be maintained. Our technically trained employees support your staff by means of routine checks and, of course, are available for new projects. We determine the appropriate coagulation product, the required product quantity and, if necessary, select the type and quantity of the peripheral products such as flocculation aids, defoamers and biocides.