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Solvents / lacquer and cleaning diluents / hydro-detergents / cold degreasers / modified alcohols

With their carefully coordinated components, solventborne paints promote pigment wetting and control the gloss and course of the lacquer during film formation. The quality of these solvents or solvent mixtures is decisive for maximum process reliability and brilliant results. The precondition for this is the careful testing and selection of high-quality raw materials. All formulations of the ESKA varnish diluents are determined in our in-house organic laboratory in a complex series of tests and kosequently adjusted to the customer's requirements as well as to the latest state of the art. Naturally, we also manufacture paint thinners according to your recipe specifications and support you with modification know-how and competence.

Product Overview paint thinner (PDF)

Where paints are to be applied, varnishing devices, paint-carrying cables and auxiliary materials must be cleaned. Special formulations are required, which, in line with the lacquer used, also ensure a long-term, trouble-free process for the customer. Our ESKANOL refining diluents have proven themselves for decades through their efficiency and high quality, their economical consumption and the balanced price / performance ratio. This product group also includes special cleaners for screen offset printing, removal of adhesives, oils, resins and other residues which are difficult to remove, including rubber or plastic surfaces.

Product overview CLEANING THINNER (PDF)

For the cleaning of mixing heads on painting robots, rotating cups, paint supply lines and working tools for the processing of water lacquers. The use of highly concentrated solutions saves costs and storage space. The simple and reliable production of the finished feed product is of great importance. With our dosing systems, you have this process safely under control.



ESKAPON S series cold hydrocarbon degreasers and cleaners In our ESKAPON S product group, we have several cold degreasing and cleaning agents which can be used as alternatives to the fluorinated and chlorinated hydrocarbons used previously. All ESKAPON S products are characterized by good solvency against all oils and fats.

Product overview COLD DETERGENT (PDF)


Modified alcohols have long been a good alternative to CKW purification in order to achieve the high demands on surface cleanliness. A variety of cleaning work such as the removal of oils, waxes, greases, resins and stearates can be carried out in conjunction with the corresponding plant engineering. The products listed in the overview can be used in all cleaning systems on the market.

Product overview MOD. ALK (PDF)